About the Artist

Supporting you to connect more deeply with yourself so you can connect more deeply with the Divine.


Mariam-Saba Ahmad

Mariam-Saba Ahmad is a spiritual healer and artist, creating music and visual art that is full of Truth, Beauty and Love. Mariam-Saba creates abstract art, landscapes, spacescapes and even modern, American Islamic art. She uses various media and techniques including traditional acrylic painting techniques, liquid art techniques, spray paint and even digital art.

As a singer/songwriter, Mariam-Saba is an emerging artist, that creates music to express the complex, deep thoughts and emotions that often erupt forth when one engages in the process of spiritual healing and growth. Mariam-Saba, a native to Seattle, continues to reside and create there, though she’s lived in many places, including southern California, Atlanta, New York City and even on a few different islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Her current projects include working on her third single and accompanying music video. Mariam-Saba is also working on creating more artwork with accompanying content for social media and even content such as a weekly vlog and Behind the Art videos exclusively available on her Patreon.

To learn more, please visit her website at https://www.Mariam-Saba.com where she maintains a blog. Once there you can join her email list. If you want even more content, please find her on Patreon at https://www.Patreon.com/MariamSaba.