Grief Journal featuring "Even Here There is Love"

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This beautiful special, unique, grief journal contains 48 pages to save memories and experiences you want to remember for the rest of your life. This journal is portable, measuring 5” wide, 8.25” long and only ¼” thick, big enough to store your memories but small, light and durable enough to take anywhere. Slide it into your bag, backpack or tote and head anywhere. With creamy white 70lb, acid-free paper and a smooth finish, these pages are a pleasure to write in with your favorite pen. Even the cover is soft to touch with its scuff resistant, velvet ultra laminate finish, ensuring the image quality retains over time. No accidental or painful poking with rounded corners. This journal is hand-bound without any rings, making it convenient to lie flat and write in. It makes a wonderful gift for any friends that might be going through a difficult, painful and challenging time. 


  • Hand-bound notebook. No rings so it can lie flat and smooth to write in.
  • Rich, creamy, white 70lb, acid-free paper with a smooth finish
  • Scuff resistant, velvet ultra laminate cover
  • Page options: plain (blank), ruled (lined), graph (grid), bullet
  • Rounded corners 


  • 48 pages
  • Portable: 5” x 8.25” x 0.25”
  • Quote on the first page.

 Ways to use it:

There are many levels of grief that we experience. There are many ways we process grief.

  • Journal: Dream journal, processing journal. Inspiration journal (track ideas). Brain storming journal.
  • Express yourself without limit and free your mind of swirling ideas, thoughts, and creativity by jotting them down on one of these beautiful and special journals.

Each piece features a gorgeous, unique painting with a soft-touch, velvet laminated cover that ensures image quality over time and creates a water-resistant outer coating.

Line availabilities: lined and blank page variations - you can choose which one best fits your preferences and needs.

All of this creates a durable, functional, and a captivating piece of art that you can use and bring anywhere! Fold it up, stick it in your pocket, toss it in a bag—do anything with it and make it yours.

About the Art "Even Here There is Love"

The cover art serves a reminder to the viewer that even though one may be frozen in grief (represented by the statue of the crying woman), there is still love all around, as shown by the flowers and the tree foliage resting on the statue's shoulder. When we're ready to see it, we will but until then it remains always nearby.

This product is sold by the artist herself. Thank you for your support.