Ice Planet (Art Print)

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Embark on a celestial odyssey with "Ice Planet," a mesmerizing fusion of sci-fi intrigue and spiritual tranquility. Delve into a realm where the vast expanse of space meets the serenity of the soul, inviting you to explore realms both outer and inner.

This captivating piece unveils a spectrum of blues, drawing you into a cosmic symphony of peace and calm, while igniting the fires of imagination and wonder. Whether seeking solace or embarking on an introspective journey, "Ice Planet" offers a sanctuary for the mind and spirit alike.

Perfect for any space adorned with blues or blue accents, this artwork harmonizes effortlessly with existing decor, infusing your surroundings with a sense of cosmic elegance and mystique. A thoughtful gift for both sci-fi aficionados and spiritual seekers, "Ice Planet" transcends boundaries, weaving a tapestry of awe and inspiration.

Unveil the mysteries of the universe and nurture your soul with the timeless allure of "Ice Planet," where the cosmos meets the depths of the human spirit in a breathtaking union.

Available Sizes: 10"x8", 20”x16”, 24”x20”

Fine Art Print Paper Information:

Matte finish, textured surface with no glare

  • Paper weight of 300gsm
  • Bright white
  • Hand cut edges
  • Perfect for framing
  • Resistant to scratches and fingerprints

Can order with a 1 inch white border or no border.